Ski Helmet Reviews : Which One is the Best?

Learning how to ski is hard. On top of that, you still have to think about the equipment you need to wear. For some beginners, the pressure of buying the ski gears is even bigger than the pressure from learning how to ski itself.  Many instructors and pros make such a huge deal over the gears, or at least, look like they do. If you go to an outdoor or sports store which sells ski gears, you’ll find there are tons of stuff to choose from which actually make you confuse even more. On top of that, the sales person seems to just point out the most expensive products as the best product.

And just like the other ski gears, ski helmets are no different. There are many kinds of helmets out there to choose from. Though ski helmets supposedly consist of three types, the companies nowadays got more and more creative and somehow expand those three types into tens of types. Some say you get what you buy. In ski helmets case, I’d say they aren’t necessarily true. Just like other products in the market, the best way to know which the best is by reading reviews. In modern days like now, looking for a review means ask Google what it thinks. On the internet, you’ll find zillions of reviews for ski helmets. They all might mention the same products and some might (I guarantee will) mention completely different products. So, how do we know which one is the best ski helmet?

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Survival Defense Techniques

Out there in the bush land, forest or desert, you are bound to face many dangers from wild animals and other people as you try to survive. As such, you need to learn how to stay strong to survive each day until help comes your way. This is why defense techniques come in. You don’t need to be a pro athlete to be able to protect yourself from dangers in the wild. Here are some of the defense techniques to help you stay alive:

Dish Out Lethal Blow

You can overpower an enemy by throwing a lethal blow on the enemy. Before using this method, you have to ensure that you can easily overpower the enemy with the blow, and when throwing the blow, you have to put much energy into it. Strike with full force as though your life depends on that single blow you give, and also aim for vulnerable parts of the body like the eyes. A lethal blow can either kill the enemy or destabilize them for some time and give you enough time to escape.  Also, if you are close to the enemy, you can use your elbow to strike instead of your fist; an elbow blow is more lethal than a blow with your fist.

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