How To Set A Trap With Three Pegged Stick

You need to hunt for or set traps for a bush game to get meat for your meals. I prefer setting traps to hunting because hunting requires the use of much energy and you are not advised to exhaust your energy on hunting for animals when you can simply set traps. There are many ways to set traps for animals, and one of them includes digging shallow holes for smaller games. Once the animal falls into the hole, it will find it difficult to escape thus making it easy to kill it. When using this method, ensure that you don’t dig the hole on the way you usually take.

Another method is to set a trap with three pegged sticks.

Get two sticks the size of your arm and drive them into the ground. Carve out a small peg on each stick. The sticks should be parallel to each other and at least two feet apart.


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Survival Defense Techniques

Out there in the bush land, forest or desert, you are bound to face many dangers from wild animals and other people as you try to survive. As such, you need to learn how to stay strong to survive each day until help comes your way. This is why defense techniques come in. You don’t need to be a pro athlete to be able to protect yourself from dangers in the wild. Here are some of the defense techniques to help you stay alive:

Dish Out Lethal Blow

You can overpower an enemy by throwing a lethal blow on the enemy. Before using this method, you have to ensure that you can easily overpower the enemy with the blow, and when throwing the blow, you have to put much energy into it. Strike with full force as though your life depends on that single blow you give, and also aim for vulnerable parts of the body like the eyes. A lethal blow can either kill the enemy or destabilize them for some time and give you enough time to escape.  Also, if you are close to the enemy, you can use your elbow to strike instead of your fist; an elbow blow is more lethal than a blow with your fist.

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Storing Water the Right Way

While storing enough water for your family for the short term is a good start, there is much more you can do right now to ensure that your family has all the water they need in case of a crisis.

Choose the Right Containers

  • When it comes to storing water long term, the type of container you chose can easily make the difference between life and death.
  • Plastics: Food grade plastics are made to store liquids for long periods of time. When trying to determine if a container is food grade look for the numbers 1, 2, 5 and 4 with 2 being the most reliable.
  • Glass: As a container for water, glass faces a number of issues including the ease at which it might break. What’s more, microscopic flaws in the glass cold hold bacteria and infect the water without you even knowing. With that said if you must store water in glass containers stick to Pyrex whenever possible and avoid it for long term storage whenever possible.
  • Stainless steel: This is your best choice when it comes to storing water long term as most stainless steel can be expected to last at least 40 years, staying resilient and germ resistant the entire time.

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