How To Set A Trap With Three Pegged Stick

You need to hunt for or set traps for a bush game to get meat for your meals. I prefer setting traps to hunting because hunting requires the use of much energy and you are not advised to exhaust your energy on hunting for animals when you can simply set traps. There are many ways to set traps for animals, and one of them includes digging shallow holes for smaller games. Once the animal falls into the hole, it will find it difficult to escape thus making it easy to kill it. When using this method, ensure that you don’t dig the hole on the way you usually take.

Another method is to set a trap with three pegged sticks.

Get two sticks the size of your arm and drive them into the ground. Carve out a small peg on each stick. The sticks should be parallel to each other and at least two feet apart.


Drive a third stick into the ground; the stick should be 2 feet apart from the other sticks, but should be in a position to form a triangle


Use a wire to tie a small stick under the peg of the 2 parallel sticks


Get a long wire or cord, and tie on a sapling branch. The wire should be at least 6 to 12 inches long.


Attach a small stick on the end of the wire or cord and place the stick under the stick as can be seen in the image below


Place a trigger stick between the peg and a smaller stick on the wire or cord


Tie a noose under the trigger system and place your bait. The noose will shoot into the air with the trigger stick once an animal enters inside it.


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